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I am Ratko Grgurić, the official photographer of Croatian fashion brand MARLA, which was founded in early 2006 and shoot all the MARLA fashion campaigns till today for them.

My passion for photography I discovered 30 years ago, when i bought my first analog SLR, it was a Minolta, so I stayed loyal to the brand till today using Sony DLSRs. But I really started to love photography in todays digital age.

I graduated on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, at the direction computer science, digital photography and technology was even closer to me. As an autodidact, I started off with fashion photographs, which allowed me to learn all about working with light and camera techniques. So till today these are my most preferable motives.

Always in search of the natural sensuality of my models, I developed a style and an attitude of my own. When shooting my work, I prefer spontaneity, hardly ever planning precise settings and poses. The focus is always on capturing the mood and the charisma of the model. I prefer to work on location with natural light. As a result of the interaction of daylight and environment, my photographs evoke a natural and captivating mood.

Today I photograph fashion and beauty, catalog photography and swimsuits.